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Hospital Grade Air Purification Systems Cornwall

Air purification provides additional support to your body’s most important tool in fighting viruses, a healthy immune system. Essentially, we breathe in rooms or ‘boxes’ in our homes, in workplaces, in restaurants, hotels, shops, play places ,schools and even in our cars.  Any shared breathing space would benefit from a correctly sized air purifier with a high capacity HEPA air filter.

HEPA filters are a weave of tiny fibres that carry an electrostatic charge, which attracts passing by particles, more like magnet rather than a net. The filters are clever at trapping even the smallest particles.  They are 100% efficient at capturing the spectrum of particles down to the very smallest airborne particles.

Clean air at home, work or anywhere.

Once trapped, viruses cannot multiply on their own or remain infectious for very long. Allergy sufferers also benefit, the filters remove pollens, dust, and mould, asthma suffers are proven to have reduction in symptoms such as wheezing and coughing.

Breathing air that is free from harmless particles is a great reassurance for families with health concerns and also allows your business to offer your clients peace of mind to enjoy a clean air experience.

High Volume Purifier

High Volume Purifier

This powerful desktop unit is perfect for large shops, big offices, classrooms, public waiting rooms.

  • Cleans 430m3 per hour
  • 402mm x 196mm x 624mm

Workplace Air Purifier

SKU: MMY-400
Workplace Air Purifier

This compact but powerful and stylish purifier is ideal for offices, workshops and retail outlets. Give your staff and customers piece of mind when they are on your premises.

  • Cleans 400m3 per hour
  • 370mm x 220mm x 640mm

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